We love making wherever you are, an experience

When you use any product from Just Candles you can’t help but wonder where you are. Walking from one room to the next, the aroma graces your presence as if you control the environment. Candles provide a sense of peace. The flicker of the flame, the shadows they make, the sensual nature of the light… all create a mood you can’t find anywhere else.  Just Candles bring back memories and provide a sense of warmth and good vibes to whatever space you’re in.

Meet Quiana

I’m Quiana, Just Q, the Candle Lady, sole owner and candle maker in Philadelphia. I’ve been an avid candle buyer for most of my adult life. I had literally been buying candles (monthly) for years, a true hoarder. The first thing I do when I get home is to light them all around the house. Immediately, sometimes I still have my jacket on.  

I started  near the end of 2015 when I bought a candle making kit. After months of trials and experimenting, they turned out to be pretty good. So I started to sell them to my family and friends, and then eventually nationwide. I’ve been rolling ever since. This is my 5th year of making candles and I can’t imagine life without it. 

I’ve always  worked a full time job. I’ve been in Finance, Health Care and most recently, the Education field.  I’m a busy Mom with a household to run but making candles at the end of the day brings me calm and relaxation. I turn the music on as I get into my zone making each batch with care. I never thought I’d turn this into a Business, but it’s been my best move yet.

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