Ready to Earn Some Money?!?

This right here… THIS is the hassle free way to earn money for your organization and provide a product that people will LOVE!

  • You pick the time frame!
  • Candles sell for $10 each ($3 per candle is PROFIT)
  • Orders are shipped 5-7 business days after submission
  • $12 flat rate shipping
  • First 15 order forms are free!
  • Optional Bags & personal labels are available.

30% of your order total is profit for your organization!

How do Fundraisers work?

Step 1. Your organization will pick a time frame to run the fundraiser.
Normally the time frame is approximately 3 weeks.

Step 2. Your organization runs the fundraiser.
During the 3 or more weeks of your fundraiser, the members of your organization sells the candles & collects the monies necessary to complete the orders.

Step 3. Payment & Submission.
At the end of the fundraiser time frame, your organization submits the order forms, and payment for the candles. The amount due to Just Candles, LLC is 70% of your collected total. (i.e. you all collected $1000.  $700 is what’s to be sent in, the remaining $300 is profit for your organization)

Step 4. Production & Shipment.
Once all the funds & order forms are accounted for, the candles are made and organized by order form for easy distribution. Production time is 7-10 business days, depending on the size of the order & the bulk shipment is shipped to the address provided with all of the original order forms enclosed.

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